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Fishing at South Bay on Gull Rock

Nature provides the lake and the fish. We provide the setting and the facilities. Gull Rock is a 16,000 acre lake and lies within the heart of one of the premier walleye/northern fisheries in Ontario. You can travel 60 miles without portaging and you can fish 4 other lakes, but Gull Rock will always provide your best fishing experience.

Come in the spring:

The fish are very active after "ice-out" - the walleye are just plain hungry and the northern are flexing muscles after a long dormant winter. You’ll have lots of areas to explore. Trying out different presentations of artificial lures, or spinners and floating jigs with live bait, make spring fishing very exciting! You’ll be fishing in fairly shallow water - trolling and casting. Remember - if you want big fish - use big lures.

Summer - and the living is easy:

The living is easy - the fish have moved down the lake - close to camp - and are usually in deeper water. This is where finesse enters the fishing experience. Ultra light tackle (4-6 lb. Test and no leaders), small hooks with interesting tidbits (minnows, worms, leeches) or dark twisters with matching lead-heads are all you need. Then just anchor or drift fish but stay alert - you’ll be pleasantly surprised - not only by the fish you will catch a but by the sightings of bears, moose, eagles, loons, ducks, otters, etc. This is the time of year for barbecues, shore lunches, northern lights, campfires and cameras. And, in going through camp history, summer is the time of the biggest trophy Northern - 22 lbs. Plus - caught on light tackle… interesting eh?

Come in the fall:

Fall is the prettiest time of the year - lush green lawns, the bush starting to show color and moon rises that will break your heart. The surface water is cooling down and the oxygen levels are improving so fish can be caught at any level - just remember - fish like to eat all the time - so be aware of bait fish hangouts - old weed beds, submerged trees, and lake bottom with large boulders. The fish are also beginning to migrate back to their winter homes. They’re not as voracious as in the spring but they are looking for food - live bait with fairly large flashy spinners will get their attention.

We have all new docks with power at each boat slip. 


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